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a dream missing a dreamer.

AZNA salon was founded by the love of Aziz Tajzai and Anaieta Tajzai. Aziz and Anaieta have been married for 29 wonderful years, and have three children together. Aziz, being the hardworking man he is, went overseas to work in Afghanistan with the department of defense, while Anaieta stayed behind and continued to grow as a successful stylist. During these years of separation, Aziz and Anaieta worked together to create the vision of AZNA salon. The goal was to have Aziz retire and enjoy his life reunited with his family, something that was very well deserved, while Anaieta (and occasionally Aziz) would run AZNA Salon.

Aziz returned home, retired, ready to rest and grow old alongside his wife, when tragic news reached the Tajzai family. One month after his return home, Aziz was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Carcinoma, Stage IV.

Within four months the Tajzai’s lost something so dear, so precious, so rare to them. Aziz made Anaieta promise to continue forward with the AZNA dream. Anaieta granting her husband’s wish brought the vision of AZNA to life. AZNA is for Aziz.

I won’t use past tenses because he is not in my past.
He is my husband currently and he will be my husband forever.
Aziz is my past, present, and future.
My heart beats his name with every thump, my blood carries his soul throughout my body,
My life is dedicated to him.
My love for my husband is the reason why I was able to move forward with AZNA.
This was our dream together, this is our reality now.
Everything I do is for him, and for him I hope AZNA will one
day be the dream we envisioned.

  for my love.

Built with love by,
Aziz & Naid